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Company policy

The Management of HPS Srl is certain that in order to remain on the market in a competitive way and fully satisfy all the Customer's requests (explicit, implicit, mandatory, etc.), it is necessary for the Company to deal with them with cutting-edge methodologies, based on internal know-how , integrated with organization and rationalization techniques of the service / product offered, already extensively tested for several years in other sectors, which allow to pursue Customer Satisfaction .

Furthermore, the Management, aware of the extreme importance of safeguarding and protecting the environment, is committed to ensuring that respect for the environment becomes an integral part of the organization's culture.

Eco-compatible management therefore represents an objective to be achieved through the continuous adaptation to the requirements of the surrounding environment of the entire range of services offered and the way of operating (own and of any suppliers working for the company).


In order to fully satisfy all the Customer's requests, HPS Srl undertakes to create a product and to provide a quality service with excellent performance.

The management of the service must be such as to provide and guarantee to the Customer:

  a punctual and precise service;

  the utmost professionalism.


Given the importance attributed to the environmental compatibility of the products / services offered, the Company undertakes, above all, to:

  • implement and maintain a Management System to ensure compliance with legal requirements and other voluntary requirements, in our processes, products and services for the activities carried out at its headquarters and the sites managed;

  • seek the continuous improvement of the commitment to the environment, always aiming at the prevention of pollution;

  • correctly manage the waste produced, liquid effluents, atmospheric emissions and noise emissions, adopting precise management methods, identifying appropriate methods in relation to the logistical and / or regulatory situations issued by the competent local bodies;

  • pay specific attention to the management of the substances used that are potentially harmful to the environment, subsidiaries (fuels and oils for vehicles and operating machines) and / or raw materials, etc .;

  • correctly manage the consumption of energy and natural resources by controlling them;

  • collaborate with public authorities and with the population settled in the area pertaining to the company headquarters, establishing a climate of trust and transparency in relation to the activities that may influence the safeguarding and protection of the environment.

  • meet the expectations of public opinion, also taking into account the corporate context, which is now increasingly attentive to environmental problems.


For the aforementioned purposes, HPS Srl develops programs that reflect the defined objectives and goals; in these company programs, the objectives that the company will always take care to pursue are:

  1. Aim for a maximum level of satisfaction of the customer and the interested parties;

  2. Keep complaints to a minimum in the provision of the service and in business management;

  3. Aim for maximum success in terms of results of the activities provided (compliance with pre-established times, compliance of the service provided, compliance of the product);

  4. Promote the recovery of waste with a view to reducing the use of landfill disposal;

  5. Keep liquid effluents, atmospheric emissions and noise emissions in the condition of minimum pollution, always in compliance with national and local regulations in force;

  6. Promote a systematic rationalization of the consumption of energy and natural resources;

  7. Plan and implement continuous training-information activities for staff on environmental and quality issues;

  8. Organize and possibly reorganize activities in order to reduce environmental impacts;

  9. Provide protective equipment and identify response plans for foreseeable emergency situations.


In the Management Review minutes, the policy will be periodically reviewed and, where necessary, it will be modified, the objectives set out above will be quantified, any detailed objectives will be included, and new objectives that the Management deems useful to achieve may also be indicated.


In order to achieve the objectives, the Management of HPS Srl aims to:

  • Rationalize the administrative, production, logistic processes inherent to the provision of the service and business management;

  • Increase the involvement of the workers and their professionalism (professional knowledge, interpersonal skills, etc.), promoting the awareness and involvement of both employees and external collaborators (suppliers and dealers), so that they adopt behaviors that are appropriate to what is contained in the Policy Company declared.


The Management of HPSSrl undertakes to provide its service / product in compliance with current legislation, to support and disseminate the company policy (environment and quality) at every company level, making it available to interested parties (including external ones) who request it, undertaking to make available the means, resources, and anything else necessary for the maintenance and implementation of the Integrated Management System.

For this reason, the management of HPSSrl undertakes to ensure that its staff behave honestly, transparently and correctly in carrying out their work activities.


The correct application of the provisions of the SGI and of the monitoring techniques (Non-Conformity, Corrective Actions, etc ..) will lead the Company to guarantee the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the system itself.

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